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a bit more about me

I am a UX Researcher with a multidisciplinary background in Service Design, graphic design, visual merchandising and customer service, granting me a unique perspective on the design-thinking process.

During my several years as a freelancer, I developed strong interpersonal skills in adapting to different environments. I am resourceful in my work methods, bringing structure and logic to solve problems with thoughtful and elegant solutions.

I am dedicated to delivering ethical and inclusive design products, making me the ideal candidate for projects that make a social impact.

my design principles

less is more

I aim to always focus on usability. Keeping my designs simple and intuitive is key.

inclusive design

Good design should available for everyone. I try to design with all users in mind.


Many hands make light work. The best ideas and solutions come from teamwork.

how i work


I am curious to learn about the user and stay ahead of the curve.

synthesise data 

Working agile and adapt to new information.

testing, testing, testing

At every stage of the design process to ensure you make the right decisions for the user

what others say about me


I am creative and think outside the box
I have positive energy and am a team player
I am committed to doing good work & constantly keep learning


I am helpful and considerate
I am positive and excited about new ventures
I have a natural curiosity

a few of my interests


Bauhaus & de Stijl

“Form follows function”

vintage fashion

Upcycling denim jackets

“I am obsessed with 80’s clothing”

interior design

Wabi Sabi


“Pare down to the essence, but don't remove the poetry.”

what's in my tool kit and skill set?

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